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We appreciate your interest in and look forward to the possibility of establishing a relationship that is beneficial for both our organizations. is committed to delivering the best shopping experience for our customers. We are committed to delivering a very broad assortment of high quality products that may not be carried in a traditional ginseng store.

In order for us to get to know your company, please fill out the attached questionnaire. If you are uncomfortable about answering any of the questions please note the reason on that particular question and Then answer the remaining questions. A valid e-mail address is required to submit your questionnaire electronically. Once your submission has been received, it will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate Category Manager.

If we are interested in carrying your product line, an appropriate category manager will respond to your completed questionnaire within one week.
Samples should not be sent until requested by someone at

So, why do drop shippers look to Ginseng24 when it comes to Ginseng products?

  • 90% Margins – No minimum purchase
  • No Dropshipper Fees
  • Full product graphics and product spreadsheet
  • Detailed SEO Strategy and structure analysis
  • Free Products Import

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